Today various organizations, be it online shopping, government and private sector organizations, catering and tourism industry or other institutions that offer customer services are concerned about their customers and ask for feedback every single time we use their services. Consider the fact, that these companies may be receiving enormous amounts of user feedback every single day. And it would become quite tedious for the management to sit and analyze each of those. But, the technologies today have reached to an extent where they can do all the tasks of human beings. And the field which makes these things happen is Machine Learning. The machines have become capable of understanding human languages using Natural Language Processing. Today researches are being done in the field of text analytics. And one such application of text analytics and NLP is a Feedback Summarizer which helps in summarizing and shortening the text in the user feedback. This can be done an algorithm to reduce bodies of text but keeping its original meaning, or giving a great insight into the original text. Our Solution: We built a simple Chrome Extension that takes input from the user either by typing or pasting text, or by uploading a pdf or Word Document. It then creates a summary of few lines as per the user's choice. After the summary is ready, the user can copy the text and can also download it as a PDF, Word, or Text File. The summarization scripts uses the following: NLTK, GPT3. PYPDF2, PdfPlumber etc.

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