Coffee is just so... 20th century. By combining the most cutting-edge technologies of today, we have created the ultimate mind-altering chemical dispensing "Thing on the Internet" device. You've heard of IoT furniture, utilities, and entertainment. Now we bring you... IoT beverages.

What it does

You can control it using SMS. It turns off automatically using computer vision. We have a sophisticated access-control system managed entirely via SMS. It makes coffee.

It sends you fortune cookie quotes.

How I built it

We took an ordinary $20 crappy little drip coffee machine and brought it... to webscale. A Raspberry Pi acts as the main controller for Twilio, OpenCV, and of course for coffee making.

Challenges I ran into

Dealing with voltage drop across transistors. Also strings in Redis. Holy shit. False != False evaluates to True.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making this badass coffee machine.

What I learned

Coffee is really great. Especially if you can brew it over SMS. Just makes it taste that much better.

What's next for Text4Coffee

We're going to think about that over some Internet coffee.

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