I had a roommate during co-op that was deaf, and I wanted to learn some sign language. I wanted an easy way to see how sentences could be translated into ASL

What it does

Simply put, it takes an input of sentences, and generates a gif of the sentences in ASL.

How we built it

Python's tkinter module was used to create a rough draft of a gui similar to google translate. Youtube ASL dictionary videos were gathered to create the gifs.

Challenges we ran into

Animating the instructional gifs in tkinter proved to be a worthy challenge. This bugfix is still ongoing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of innovating in an educational area that may have been overlooked.

What we learned

Appropriate manpower for the programming project is crucial.

What's next for Text2Sign

Using machine learning to allow live human signing into text or speech.

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