EARN’s platform is a rich data source on the financial lives of low-income households across the United States. EARN conducts primary research on the impact of our programs and other issues impacting the financial well-being of families in America. We leverage our data to guide our program design, develop best practices for the field, and influence public policy to increase investment in savings solutions for low-income households. EARN's ultimate vision is that millions of well-informed low-income households will achieve financial success through proven strategies, fair public policy, and their own hard work.

What it does

This would be a mobile integration to verify and send back and forth sms to customers from earn

How I built it

Text2Save App is a Node App used to verify customers mobile number and email address. It would be used to send sms to the customers.

Challenges I ran into

Having Facebook account kit would limit us from skipping pop-up. Had to work around the customer experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We as a team were able to not only send sms to customers from Earn but also gave them an extra piece to be able to verify the mobile number while on boarding customer information.

What I learned

Earn needed help retaining customers. SMS is one way to retain the customers but in the process we learned that we need to change the strategy around retaining customers.

What's next for Text2Save

We will be giving away user experience screens for them to be able to easily integrate and improvise there current application.

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