Weeks before the hackathon, we were brainstorming ideas. For our first hackathon we decided that we wanted to create something that could have a big impact in our world. We decided to create a texting service to help people research scientific and mathematical information without internet access.

Wolfram Alpha is arguably one of the most popular computational knowledge engines out there. The engine can compute queries from the field of mathematics, statistics, physics, chemistry, and a myriad of other topics in mere seconds. This tool is a must-have for students, educators, researchers and many more people. The only problem is that it requires an internet connection.

Though the internet has become more widespread over the years there are still plenty of people in the world without access to it. This spans from developing countries to right here in the U.S. To combat this, we created an SMS service that allows you to "text Wolfram Alpha". This allows anyone with an SMS-capable phone to send queries to the engine and receive a response quickly and cost effectively.

We believe that this could be a helpful tool for those who are working with complex topics that require further calculations beyond the standard calculator. We believe that the scientific community could benefit by bringing complex computational power to those who wouldn't normally be able to access it.

Try texting (415) Wolfram to try it out!

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