Our inspiration came from the emergency blue lights on our university campus. We found a flaw in their accessibility. For instance, if someone wasn't near one or injured and could not reach it to get help, they would be in danger, especially, if it was before or during a violent crime.

Our application works like your guardian angel in your pocket. Before you set out for that long late night walk back to your car after studying at the library, bring up the application, after the instructions, you have a full screen button that will trigger an SMS text to 911 after triple-tapping the button. You place it in your jacket or pants pocket until you reach your safe and final destination. If something bad did happen during your walk home like a mugging, just triple-tap the Safety Button that is in your pocket and help will be on the way.

The action is activated once the third tap is pressed within 1.5 seconds of the first tap. The message will contain your name, current location, gender and age along with a distress message for police assistance. The app is also able to send geographic coordinates when there is not a precise enough address.

A person may not always be able to make a call to 911. Imagine a burglary happening in your home. You might not be able to make a phone call without the burglar hearing your conversation. Just pull up the app, triple-tap the Safety Button and a police officer will be in your drive-way.

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