The inspiration for this skill was my 10-year old daughter. We brainstormed fun ways she could use Alexa, and we came up with a way to keep track of the things she wants for Christmas. We put a fun spin on it so that kids can send Santa a "text" message and get a response back from Santa. Parents can even hear everything their kids have added to their Christmas list.

What it does

Did you know that Alexa is good friends with Santa? Kids can use Alexa to quickly send a "text" message to Santa telling him what they want for Christmas. Santa adds the item to the Christmas list and sends a funny message back. Parents can even get involved by asking Alexa what's on the Christmas list.

How I built it

I built this skill using a Lambda written in Python.

Challenges I ran into

I am new to Python so the syntax of the language was a bit challenging. It was also hard for Alexa to understand words that weren't in the custom slot type. We tested this a bunch and think we found a plausible solution.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that my daughter and I partnered together to create a skill. She helped to come up with the idea and then I implemented it. She helped a lot with testing and identifying bugs.

What I learned

I learned more about the AMAZON.LITERAL type and its shortcomings.

What's next for Math Genie

My daughter will present Text Santa at the "Hour of Code" session we teach together at our local library as a way to get kids interested in Artificial Intelligence and building skills for Alexa.

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