Reminders are useful, but sometimes reminder apps are annoying. SMS messages are often configured to be hard to miss, and don't even require a smartphone.

What it does

There is a webpage that allows for setting reminders. At the scheduled time, the provided message is sent to the provided phone number.

How we built it

  • Python code to read reminders from the filesystem, wait until the scheduled time, and send the reminders with the twilio API
  • Python code to accept requests from the server and write the reminders to the filesystem
  • Webpage to provide an interface

Challenges we ran into

  • Dealing with human time units
  • Integrating the components together perfectly

Possible improvements

  • Authentication, so users can only schedule reminders for their own phones
  • Ability to edit or delete existing reminders
  • Proper inter-process communication (or just one process) rather than having to constantly kill/restart after writing a json file
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