The inspiration behind this is from countless college parties where students are to afraid to call 911 from their own phone because they are afraid of human interaction.

What it does

This chatbot allows the user to text in help for their friend, and get steps to help administer aid while they wait for emergency services to arrive.

How I built it

I built the chatbot using json and also using API.AI interface to help integrate and implement my chatbot. I have also linked the chatbot to a twilio phone number to use. This chat can be used either in browser or on a phone through sms text.

Challenges I ran into

the challenges I ran into were integrating the questions to come out in specific answers depending on how they were answered. I thought order wouldn't matter when it came to the output, but it was sequencing into a step by step process.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to do this by my self, without assistance, and it works to how i like, i am very proud of that.

What I learned

I Learned how to code more things in json, and also learned how coding orders work debating on API's being used.

What's next for Text Me in an Emergency

I might expand and work on this chatbot to expand its boundries, and also incorporate machine learning into its data.

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