Text Integration is a simple but powerful tool that is indispensable to any small business owner wishing to effectively attract and engage its audience on a mobile phone.

Customer Benefit

All small businesses want to communicate with their customers. Want to attract more customers, sell more to them and wow them with great customer service to keep them coming back!

The problem is “HOW” do you communicate with your customers? Email is becoming more and more ineffective, with 80% of emails not opened and a click through rate of only 2%! ……gaining these benefits is becoming harder and harder.

Text Integration was invented to help small businesses reach their customers and wow them.


Text Integration Appeals to a Large Range of Infusionsoft Users

The research clearly shows that business is now being transacted on a mobile phone. 6.1 billion people, out of a total population of 7.3 billion, use an SMS-capable mobile phone. It is also the number one used phone feature, with 90% of texts opened within 3 minutes. SMS also has click through rate of 19%. That’s a nearly 10 times more effective than email! _ Clearly Text Integration will appeal to large range of Infusionsoft users. _

We wanted to bring these great benefits to small business in a unique way, whilst truly, simply, and elegantly utilising the powerful business automation functions of Infusionsoft.


Text Integration Has Created Unique or Better Solutions for Text Messaging

To achieve this we looked at similar text provider’s solutions with the goal of making Text Integration unique. We learnt that most integrate with the competitors of Infusionsoft. They are multi-business automation platform integrations. This means they are complex to use if you only use Infusionsoft. You needed to spend time in their App and align campaigns / CRMs or cut and paste etc. Infusionsoft and Infusionsoft customers just don’t want the hassle. So we created simplicity with no demands on the Infusionsoft user to generally leave campaign builder. How nice is that!

We then created “ease of use” by ensuring nearly everything is done in Campaign Builder, using the Infusionsoft CRM and especially the power of Tags. We created a visually appealing, yet mind numbingly simple and intuitive user experience. (see pics) We also made it easy to use by installing video on every page of Text Integration. This means, if you are a first time user, you won’t need to waste time analysing and working out how to use it. The explainer video is just there on the page you need to use! We also built a comprehensive Learning Centre with numerous videos and dozens of FAQs. (http://support.textintegration.com/hc/en-us/categories/200175950-Learning-Center) Therefore, Text Integration is easy to learn and use.


Let’s give you some examples of how we are unique and innovative;

  1. Text Integration is the ONLY _ TRULY _ GLOBAL SMS Infusionsoft Integration We deliver messages to 188 countries / 1033 telecommunications companies, compared to other text integrations that are limited to a few countries. Also, you don't need to purchase or manage any phone numbers. Text Integration intelligently routes messages to any country automatically. (i.e. No need to purchase a seperate number for each country, which makes your international campaigns in Campaign Builder very complicated as you may need to segment contacts into seperate messages for each country) https://textintegration.com/countries-and-telcos/ to see a long list of countries!

  2. Automatic URL Shortening for Text Messages Simple text messages are great at getting the customer's ATTENTION, but do not allow all the power of a webpage to to ENGAGE the customer. That’s why we enable Infusionsoft users to place any URL in a text message. We automatically shorten it using the trusted Google URL shorter. (Not some unknown brand.) This means a text recipient can click a short link in a text and be immediately engaged with mobile friendly landing pages containing graphics, video, buttons that link to tags. (Just like email only cell phone based) surveys, maps, millions of extra uses.

  3. Integration with the World’s Best Mobile Template Providers Text Integration is unique in that we chose not to create a complex ecosystem of landing pages. We surveyed Infusionsoft users and found that 70% of Infusionsoft users already had a subscription to a landing page builder, like Lead Pages or Unbounce or even WordPress. They didn’t want the extra expense for un-needed technology. Our point of difference is that we reduce the “multi app duplication and technical difficulty” experienced by many Infusionsoft users - by simply integrating with what they were already using. SIMPLE. Mobile Templates can also display Infusionsoft merge fields (such as the Contact FirstName) on the integrated landing page

  4. Time Controlled Delivery to Any Zip Code in Any Country Infusionsoft users can now send an automated text to anyone in the globe at the exact time they wish in the time zone of the recipient. This enables them to comply with anti-spam legislation and target the customer at the exact required time in that time zone.

  5. URL's in the Text Message Apply an Infusionsoft Tag = CLICK TAGS A customer does not now have to call you, or write to you, or respond with a keyword. (We do UNLIMITED keywords too!) Now they can just click a short link in a text. This will activate a tag and Infusionsoft can automate the required response back….eg order the product, send a return email, reply with a text…a million things. Keywords are good. Click Tags are better!

Here are two examples of Click Tags in action in text messages we received at PartnerCon 2015:

Hi Michael, Thank you for staying and closing out the conference in style! Check out day 3 highlights https://goo.gl/kdX4Bs. Cheers PartnerCon Team (Powered by www.textintegration.com) Optout reply PCN STOP

Hi Michael, Top Golf is tomorrow and there'll be fun for non-golfers too! Please confirm here https://goo.gl/8k68aj Unsure? See this video http://goo.gl/NPLBcm Cheers PartnerCon Team (Powered by www.textintegration.com) Optout reply PCN STOP

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