This year, we were inspired by the Nexmo API and wanted to explore it to expand our skills.

Our hack is an RPG-style text adventure game where decisions are made by the audience, who SMS their choice to a given number. The most popular decision is taken as the overall choice of the audience. This influences the result of the game, just like any other text-based adventure game.

We have coded the game in Python 3, and used the Nexmo API to take SMS messages and find the audience’s overall choice. We have used the tkinter module of python to create a GUI and make the game visually attractive. When you send a text to the number on screen, Nexmo redirects it via a webhook to a server. The inbound SMS data is written to a CSV file which is downloaded in a local Python program. This program collects the number of votes for decisions that are to be made in the game, and outputs this via our GUI.

We found it difficult to connect each element of our hack, but are very proud that it all works (hopefully) and that we have developed our knowledge of coding.

The next things that Text-In Text-Game will be aiming for is increasing its game collection and expanding each of the games. We are also looking to develop the GUI further, for an overall smoother user experience.

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