We've been stuck in awkward conversations before - everyone has. Instead of solving how to get out on the spot, we have devised this tool to preset an arbitrary time text message that seems "urgent."

No more "I really need to go to the bathroom"s -- we got you.

What it does

The three functionalities include 1) setting timed messages to save your conversation, 2) continuing the conversation once you reply, and 3) allowing users to provide a fake phone number 4) telling other people to leave by automatically sending texts to them directly.

How we built it

The sms interface is built with Twilio, and the chat is built with Chatterbot. Our project consists of two processes, a scheduler that sends timed messages, and a listener that responds to messages from users.

What we learned

We learned how to use the Twilio API as well as use Chatterbot.

Built With

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