Fairness of 2018 Winter Olympics

What it does

Just.. to trick you? and hope you can have some fun.

How I built it

Using Java and Eclipse's consoler.

Challenges I ran into

Just... write some sentences?

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's fun.

What I learned

Well... maybe just some news

What's next for Text-based Game again! about Olympics!

Add more sentences?

I'm truly sorry to submit such a trash project as my product of this hackathon. My plan was to learn Ionic and try to build an Android app with that. Sadly, I failed. Then I decided to write something just to convince myself that I did something instead of nothing during the whole day LOL. But I really enjoy the hackathon! Truly appreciate talks from American Family and Google and the tutoring of Alexa! Maybe I should not submit this project, but hope you can have fun by just reading those ... sentences?

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