Imagine you are driving on the highway and you see someone driving really slow. So you pass him and give him an ugly look. But when you make eye contact with him you find that he is actually texting on his phone! Oh no! This is an example of bad driving behavior. People die every day from texting and driving. So we developed this application to help simulate the act of texting and driving, and illustrate how difficult it is to focus on the road while texting, for example, your significant other.

What it does

The simulation works like a video game. The Microsoft Hololens takes you to an imaginary fairy world where you are guided by a floating Lexus ES (also known as the Toyota Windom in the Japanese market). You follow this fairy all over the place as it spawns Mazdas. Your goal is to follow this floating Lexus and avoid the Mazdas it spawns, all while texting a robotic significant other, loaded by an app on your smartphone! The point of the game is to illustrate that texting while walking is difficult, so by extrapolation texting while driving is difficult too! So you should not text and drive.

How we built it

We used Unity and free online 3D car models for the graphics. The supplemental Android app was developed using Android Studio.

Challenges we ran into

There were a couple bugs on the Android Studio application, but we figured them out (mostly). One of our team members had to go back home for an emergency family visit. It was kind of difficult to get the Hololens to work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The binaural sound sounds pretty amazing. We're also quite proud of the dreamlike whimsy of the world we create in our Hololens.

What we learned

The power of friendship.

What's next for Text and Drive Simulator

Better refinement

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