Learning to use LaTeX is unnecessarily cumbersome, but it is still considered the de facto standard for publishing in many science, math, and engineering disciplines. Most LaTeX users either learn to write raw LaTeX code or use clunky GUI interfaces. TeXscribe aims to optimize the workflow of writing about math.

What it does

With TeXscribe, writing math in LaTeX is as easy as writing it by hand. Just write equations on your iOS device and watch them magically get converted into digital form! You can easily export or share the LaTeX code from your device, but the best part about TeXscribe is that you can save your equations to a personal library in the cloud. This means that you can access your work at any time and on any device, including your computer. So next time you need to put equations into your LaTeX document, just copy the code from your personal library!


  • Handwrite equations and render to LaTeX automatically
  • Easily and intuitively edit equations
  • Simplify expressions involving trigonometric functions and numerical values
  • Compute expressions involving derivatives, integrals, and much more!
  • Share your code via text message, email, or copying to the clipboard
  • Organize your equations into folders
  • Save your work to a personal library in the cloud
  • Visit on your computer to access your library and view/copy code

Next Steps

Optimized UI for iPad. Android and Windows apps. Collaboration between users.

Long-term Vision

The long-term goal for TeXscribe is to become a complete LaTeX document processor with math/text/figure recognition and cloud integration. We wish to bring scientific writing into the 21st century.

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