Tired of keeping your LinkedIn AND your CV up to date? We can help. Use your LinkedIn to automatically generate a beautiful Latex CV using one of our templates. You will be able to download the .tex and the .pdf files. In addition, we will generate a website for you along with that.

Why LinkedIn

  • A lot of programmers choose not get a LinkedIn profile or not to make a LaTeX CV because it's too much effort. We believe people would benefit from using both and want to make that easier.
  • Of course it is possible to use our service without LinkedIn though.


  • Unfortunately LinkedIn's api is fairly locked down and one needs to wait 15 days for them to consider giving a user more access rights. Therefore we can currently not access all information but the concept works much better than previously expected.

Next Steps

Along with offering to create LaTeX for the user, TEXsavvy will provide

  • useful tips
  • customization according to the country they are applying in
  • the possibility to add designs
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