• O2
  • Giffgaff
  • Nuclear winter
  • The tube
  • Scotland
  • When you've run out of data for the month

coming into work

O2 technicians walking into work today#o2down

— Rob Walker (@llamedos77) December 6, 2018

Thanks to @O2 I currently have a very expensive paper weight on my desk. #o2down

— Craig Osborne (@ozzyldn) December 6, 2018

What it does

  • Lets you keep in touch with the world while bereft of WiFI/3G/4G/5G/etc

How we built it

  • with computers and qwerty keyboards
  • with WiFI/3G/4G/5G

Challenges we ran into

  • AMEX rejected my credit application


Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Sending more SMSes than most people have sent in their lives
  • Sending them for free
  • Not contributing towards any telco outages

What we learned

  • Unlimited SMSes should be used & abused

What's next for Texpress

  • Dialup support
  • Image support
  • GIFs over SMS

Built With

  • concrete-bunkers
  • decentralised-networks
  • tinfoil-hats
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