LaTeX is by far the world's best software for typesetting mathematics, so why not use it to take notes in math class? The issue is that LaTeX is '''complicated''', especially for typesetting fancy diagrams. Unless you already know exactly how to do it, you're going to have a bad time. The quickfix solution, so you can continue taking notes without breaking your workflow, is TeXnote.

TeXnote gives you an online environment to write your notes in. You even get a live preview of your document as you work on it, all in the same browser window. By using the Sendgrid API and, simply snap a photo of that crazy diagram you don't want to figure out how to typeset and e-mail it on over to texnote@jacoberrington. it'll appear right away in your LaTeX document as an embedded graphics object.

Take your math notes like a pro without worrying about having to a LaTeX wizard. Use these graphics objects to speed up your note-taking, and impress your peers with your typesetting skills!

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