We were inspired by the recent crisis of the Texas Snowstorm and the frustration that followed the calamity. Especially having a first-hand perspective of how people are suffering in Texas due to the Storm.

What it does

The app conglomerates any and all of the information that might be needed for Texans who are suffering from the disaster. This makes it easy for ordinary people to easily find the information that will help them.

How we built it

We used Flutter with a combination of Google Cloud services to provide fast and responsive UI and service ALso used multiple API's to help make it a successful project

Challenges we ran into

CockroachDB not working even after several hours of trial and error, hence we had to shift our database to Google cloud to make a better application

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The UI, and the fact that we were able to communicate, even though we live hundred's of miles away from each other

What we learned

More functional UI building, Cloud storage

What's next for TexasRelief

Texas Relief is planning to implement an AI into the personalized survey so that the information provided to the user will be of better quality.

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