As children we all have a dream of magic, dreaming of being a great wizard in the future, just like Harry Potter described, meeting wizard partners with different personalities, learning spells and magical knowledge, and experiencing a colorful wizard life in a wonderful magic campus. Different experiences and lives are realized with a different magic, yet the best practice for all this may be to create a virtual game, that is, a virtual life, or call it a meta-universe.

After the release of Ready Player One, it seems to feel a stronger response to the magic with the future world, in the future, we can also interact with the virtual world like in the movies, whether in the form of VR, AR, etc. to survive in a virtual world and realize their own virtual value. And the pursuit of the game is like raising a new realm, for the current meta-universe may be closer and closer to the realization, the team’s partners are also studying a new game, it is called: “universe”, perhaps this is a way of expression that wants to achieve freedom, the whole game will revolve around virtual, user freedom to create as the main body in so that The ability to create is led by the user.

For the game, we are a group of partners with a love for the same in the creation of Texas Hold’em, as the designer of the game, perhaps just a concept to achieve, that is, POC, also known as proof of principle, is a realization of a certain method or idea in order to demonstrate its feasibility or a demonstration in principle with the aim of verifying that some concept or theory has practical potential.

Based on this idea, first, he identified the demand market, and in the poker market, chose Texas, Texas Hold’em is a very skillful game that combines luck, patience, perseverance, and intelligence. It tests the character and ability of each person and the ultimate winner is determined by the chips.

What it does

A game built entirely on the blockchain, a Texas that no one can control and no one can manipulate. So based on ICP, we came up with a solution that controls all settlements through the Motoko Actor smart contract, where all code, contracts and algorithms are publicly visible, using a new model and public shuffle algorithm to make the game fair, just and open. Every fan of Texas Hold'em can play happy big poker.

How we built it

We used Motoko and Vue to build the code, interacted with the DID and Actor models to give Texas a more complete scenario, and made a lot of optimizations to the shuffle algorithm and contract, if that's fair, which I think we did.

Challenges we ran into

When we first built Texas, we had experience with Texas, but with a new language, Motoko, and no heartbeat, it was hard to guarantee speed and consensus at the same time, so we ended up using a rotation call to get each game started quickly, and also optimizing the deal and table assignment scheme.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made the first game built entirely on IC, without any centralized servers, using Motoko and Vue and built on IC's canister, and in the earliest days of the game we attracted thousands of fans, with a cumulative game count of 61,000 and over 16,000 users.

What we learned

Through the practice of Texas game, we tried the beginning of the game, and also became more and more proficient in the development of Motoko, and gradually built the core functions of NnsDAO, and slowly built the ecological reputation system through the combination of the project and DAO.

What's next for Texas Hold'em

We are currently preparing to develop NFT based on IC and implement it in Texas Hold'em, and add animations and sounds to optimize the game experience, and increase the diversity of poker, so that the rarity of the game can be better shown through NFT.

In the future, the props and NFT generated in the game can be traded through the ICmarket, we are planning the whole structure plan, play the game to win NFT, and trade through the market, P2E game is being built.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, we are going to try the development of the app, so that we can better optimize the game, but also allow more people to play Texas anytime, anywhere.

Built With

  • motoko
  • vue
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