With finals coming up and summer break drawing closer, the last thing students need to be worried about is where they're going to store their things over the summer. Many college students are familiar with this dilemma: they need to find storage spaces for the summer, but after calling around the area, they find out that most spaces are either reserved already, or they are too large and too expensive to afford on a measly college student salary. We built Tetrispace to help these poor souls (and anyone else in need of a storage solution) find a way to keep their belongings safe and sound over any period of time.

What it does

Tetrispace provides a platform for users to reduce storage costs by renting out a portion of their unused storage space to others in need of storage. For example, due to high demand, a college student may only be able to get a 100 sq ft storage area, when he only needs 30 sq ft of storage. Using Tetrispace, he can rent out the other 70 sq ft with his own custom asking price, and other users can find his listing and instantly reserve the space with the built-in transaction handler.

How I built it

The frontend was developed with Bootstrap, JQuery, handlebars, the Google Maps API, and the Capital One Nessie API, and the backend is a mix of NodeJS, Express, Posgre SQL, and SQLite.

Challenges I ran into

We had some difficulty making API calls between outside APIs and our project's REST APIs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Each team member was working in a role that they were inexperienced in, and we feel that we performed above and beyond.

What I learned

We learned how to use Javascript based technologies to develop and debug rapidly.

What's next for Tetrispace

We're going to rough out the edges of the UI/UX and implement an authentication mechanism.

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