Tetris T-span back into all our hearts as it rose to popularity once again in the recent past, in no small part due to Tetris 99 - a battle royale Tetris game on the Nintendo Switch. As such, we were inspired to create our own version of one of the best selling games of all time.

What it does

Tetris Tension is a two-player co-operative puzzle game. It is similar to Tetris, however there is a big twist: one player has the controls for the Tetris pieces on the board (but doesn't see the board) while the other player can only see the board itself, with no ability to change it. The aim is for the two players to work together to achieve a new high score!

How we built it

  • On Computers
  • Client web app connects to node js backend
  • Joins a lobby
  • Forms a peer-to-peer socket connection with the other player in the lobby
  • Using atom to code simultaneously
  • Utilising html canvas to draw the Tetris, along with JQuery to make a single page application.

Challenges I ran into

Throughout out development process we encountered many challenges spreading across both our front and back end code. In terms of front end, we originally began using React JS to implement Tetris however it became apart halfway through this was no an effective route forward. It's because this we had improvise and adapted our origin code and functions into JavaScript - aka react BOO >: (. For our back end we encountered many problems involving connecting sockets, but after many trail and errors, the use of random text files and sheer will power it works almost every time (apart from in Firefox but who has that anyway).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-Not falling asleep -Eating pretty much only chocolate for the past 24 hours -Configuring the Wii Plaza music to play automatically throughout the use of our application (to spice up game play and build tension dun dun dun) -Making a scalable node js application -Building a game that is actually fun to play -Working so well as a team

What I learned

We learned not to use React Planning is essential Stacking cans of monster should be classed as an extreme sport, possibly against the mhl code of conduct How to code efficiently in a shared IDE (atom)

What's next for Tetris Tension

World domination by efficient stacking and leading the anti-React movement, and possibly a third-player extension or the implementation of a pair based leaderboard. We could even add a machine learning AI play along with single users.

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