This is a Twitter application that collects data from a Google Alert RSS feed about College Park, MD. It posts about local news so you can easily see what is going on in College park.


Testudo Alerts came up from a need to better organize my Google Alerts. I wanted the information, but I didn't want to have to dig through my emails. I thought what better way to see them than a Twitter Timeline -- you can see the general order, can go back to it anytime I want, and I don't get anymore annoying emails. This uses data from a College Park, MD Google Alert, turned RSS feed, to tweet about local news.


Most of the challenges arose from dealing with APIs and getting them working. I used twitter4j which did present some problems with inconsistent code examples between different sources.

What next?

With a little more time, I would expand on this hack to include a Wordpress blog that acts as a digest for the links the Twitter account posts. I would also want to parse the individual pages better in order to actually extract an excerpt from the page instead of just pulling the title.

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