We were inspired by the need for Västtrafik to minimize the overcrowding on their commutes, to make it simpler and easier to work on board. Little did we know that it was trains, and not trams that needed this minimization.

What it does

When searching for a trip the planner takes occupancy of the suggested route in mind. If that is high, it will suggest a bike trip instead if possible.

How we built it

We built it with a react+flask stack. We utilize the Reseplaneraren API for trip planning and Algolia for search. To calulate the bike trips we use Göteborgs stad Open Data and Mapbox. Occupancy is mocked, as it is only available for trains and Bus 16. Bicycle booking is implemented with 46elks

Challenges we ran into

Johannes ate meat. Data non-uniformity, leading to dirty workarounds.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Utilizing several of the open APIs provided by municipality of Gothenburg to do a PoC service that reduces crowdedness on public transport, as well as carbon footprint and promoting health.

What we learned

Maps APIs and geolocation are fun.

What's next for testtrafik

Deploy to production.

Built With

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