• from the past 2 years of Covid, we were inspired by our experience as individuals, students, and communities to create Covid Connoissuer

What it does

  • Covid Connoissuer is an information consolidating website that provides users with a single website that provides relevant Covid information, from restaurant services to test kit availability

How we built it

  • we used python for back end programming and html for front end design
  • to extract information, we used APIs and web scrapers to find relevant information on websites

Challenges we ran into

  • a lot of the websites we originally wanted to include required permission to access their developer tools, which would take time to approve
  • instead, we had to manually code web scrapers to extract information from the website's inspect code
  • however, many of these websites have security that detects scraper bots, making it very difficult to extract information without access to the actual APIs

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • with all of us starting with zero to little background in web scraping, we were all very proud to have coded our own algorithm and figuring out how to navigate the inspect code of the website
  • all of us had very little experience with html as well, so we were also very happy with the designs that we were able to implement and are excited about further polishing our design

What we learned

  • we learned about APIs, web scraping, connecting front end and back end services with Flask, html, and graphQL

What's next for Covid Connoisseurs

  • with what little time we had for our project, we were unable to fully implement everything we originally envisioned
  • for our next steps, we have already applied to multiple developer tools for websites we wanted to scrape, so if/when we are granted permission for these APIs, we plan to implement more functions to scrape information for our website
  • furthermore, with these tools, it will be much easier for us to implement location based information services that allow users to input an address or brand name
  • for the website, we are interested in adding more aesthetic features and improve formatting so that users can navigate through information easier

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