We think current automated marking solutions are super cool, but expensive. They would be a useful tool everywhere, but unfortunately some schools cannot afford these solutions.

What it does

Allows teachers to create tests within the app and compare student answers in a visual and intuitive manner. It then aggregates the data from multiple student responses to provide meaningful insights for future lessons and examinations.

How we built it

Android Studio, Kotlin, Java, Google-Vision

Challenges we ran into

Kotlin/Java interoperability

What we learned

  • How to apply MVC pattern to Android development
  • The basics of Kotlin
  • How to leverage offline APIs

What's next for testr

  • Provide more data analytics and class statistics
  • Allow for other types of test (numerical, short-answer)
  • Backup of class results

Built With

  • google-vision
  • java
  • kotlin
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