Our goal is to encourage people to share their vision of a dream world that they would like to live in. This collective act of solidarity is the necessary step to develop mutual trust and harmony throughout humanity. It is an important component to create and nurture cohesion and unity to deal with the challenges we face today especially in a face of the current crisis.

We are solving the problem of the negative narration and fear surrounding us in the news and discussions. This way we move our attention to the positive visions about the future and establish new social bonds and positive relationships in the times of isolation. The idea is for the people to stop thinking about an uncertain future and start thinking about their dreamed world and how to make it happen.

We want to do this by creating a challenge where people need to record themselves on video answering 3 questions and posting it on social media with the hashtag #worldcreator. The collected content will be analysed and visualised to grow and empower individuals as well as communities.

We want to empower people worldwide to align themselves towards shared goals. That’s why we are launching “#WorldCreator challenge”.

First step is to record your thoughts on 3 topics:

*What is your dream world?

*What role do you play in this new world?

*What can you do today to move towards this vision?

Post it on social media with the hashtag #WorldCreator. When we collect this tremendously valuable content the next step will be to analyze the recordings using dedicated algorithms and visualise what is common there. This will help to set up a global compass and move in that direction.

We have started to share our visions of the World with unknown people, gathering together online video groups to find relief and to meet like-minded in the situation of quarantine. We have learned more about ourselves and made new friends. The World yesterday was not the one from our dreams. Now the whole World has stopped and it is time to evaluate our path. Our World won’t be the same after covid-19, so let’s be more conscious about the World we create and implement our dreams into reality.

What we are trying to achieve here is crowdsourcing a vision for our planet, which is inspirational, but also uniting initiative. We believe people will contribute by building hopes for the future to feel calm and comforted in these difficult times. We want to engage with people sitting at homes with some pleasant and promising activity.


How can we take it to the next level? Helping people to connect. During the hackathon we will decide how to make a hub for people to meet and share their visions. It might be launching elgg.org platform or a Discord server.

What will be delivered over the hackathon? Central website showing all activities with #WorldCreator and information how to work in online groups based on our experience.

What is the tangible outcome of this project? We aim to deliver a visual representation of the collective vision and a research article.

Will the analytic algorithm be delivered over the hackathon? No. We need to secure additional funding for this. The feasibility study was already done: we can use Google Cloud Speech-to-Text. But first we aim to generate a lot of #WorldCreator videos.

What is your goal in hackathon participation? We hope to generate attention for #WorldCreator in the media. Also the influencers seem to be less busy these days… We aim BIG!

What is your business model? It's a non-profit initiative. We can generate revenues from selling posters, t-shirts with visualised goals discovered in the process.

What would be the difference from existing solutions? Is there any other solution that brings us towards commonly shared goals, set by ourselves? Until now we were following the plans set up by the media and politicians. Let’s aggregate the collective vision and bring awareness to the specific goals. This could be helpful to express thoughts that haven't been expressed before and can make unpredictable results. This project belongs to people's lives and dreams and is empowering individuals to stake their claim to the future.

Why video? Videos are easy to record. Video gives a more personal touch to this. It's NOT the anonymous voice of a person.

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