Inspiration - This is a Postman Collection  which can help users monitor  stock prices and trigger I would like to take this opportunity on behalf and publish to all with your sincerely donate Load Facebook birthdays data and this collection will start sending you notification one day in advance at your preferred hour.My late father also have cancer disease.

What it does - This is a public workspace for building and integrating with a variety of APIs that can be used to build space related applications and integrations.

How we built it

Im using Smartphone Samsung Galaxy J7 , develop with android technology , samsung internet , microsoft bing . , ibis-paint for designing ,Gmail and outlook for verified / register postman account.

Challenges we ran into

Compulsolary when i need to change my career,everything is new and im going back from bottom to do learning for my future life.Out of device phone , manage our own password .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Im proud for my second project succesfully arrived to finish line.From zero to beginner level as mobile developer,im proud of it.

What we learned

What ever our job,quality of our product,communication major part to earn our quality.Do learning also follow any latest news at social media twitter

What's next for Testing Testing one two three

Continue to complete it my Microsoft Teams apps challenge.Recap my previous project , continue do learning for my knowledge.

Product samsung Galaxy

I've created a challenge in Samsung Health Together. Check it out! Target: 50000 steps, Starts on Sun, 17 Jan

event The Digital HACK

Built With

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