Testing bot

Writing Unit tests for your code is hard! Especially for a newbie. From our experience as Junior Software Devs it's been challenging to write pertinent quality unit tests. As we know learning behavior driven development or test-driven development is a fundamental skill in our careers as software devs. Our goal in creating this project was to make resources accessible for any testing framework in any language all in one place. By creating a chatbot on Discord we designed our own unit testing expert named Jazmaine!

We learned how to create our own server, and became acquainted with the discord.js library. We programmed our Discord chatbot with NodeJS. To start we explored the Jasmine testing framework to program responses to our client-side. We programmed what we thought would be commonly used words to trigger the right responses from Jazmaine to get the right resources to the client. One of the challenges we face when working on this project was that the chatbot was triggering its own responses resulting in an endless loop!

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