Inspiration - I wanted to be a bird flying around in the sky.... so I thought it would be a fun and simple open world game. I am a beginner at C# and unity. This project was more about me finishing a project and learning from it. (This game was made in 7 days, current version)

What - it does In the game you are a bird and must find food... then explore!

How I built it - I built it in unity C

Challenges I ran into - Lots of things I had not learned much about (Making a ui, raycast)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - Making a finished vr game

What I learned - How to make a UI, and smooth raycast movement

What's next for TESTFLIGHT - If I get enough feedback for this game I will add more. At the end I ran out of easy to implement ideas...Currently at the time of posting I do not have wing models or pig models... but I will soon, hopefully.

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