When they said you could gamify anything, we decided to see if we could gameify one of the most thriller stealth around the act of cheating.

What it does

You come into the game as a person who got a pop test sprung on them and they forgot to study. They reaaally needed the A in that class and this test would make or break his grade. His only through is to cheat. You work your way through tests trying to snag answers from other papers while the teacher is not looking. Keep your suspicion bar low however as if you reach too high, the teacher will start looking at you for longer.

How I built it

We used unreal engine and the HTC Vive with just all of unreal engine's VR built-in capabilities.

Challenges I ran into

Just unreal engine. It's very hard.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is our first real game together and it was cool to learn something new. The model's are really slick too.

What I learned

I learned some general game development and finally figured out how to use unreal engine.

What's next for TestDay

If we continue, we hope to eventually complete the game's entire functionality and post it to the Steam store.

Built With

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