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We are Let Me Google That For You, a collection of astoundingly brilliant developers who live in a broom closet in the Key West building. (Kyle is not an astoundingly brilliant developer who lives in a broom closet, though. He sort of showed up out of nowhere and we brought him along. He does testing on the 3rd floor. Or something.)


ETL testing is an essential and often time-consuming task when validating analytical applications. Developing ETL tests is currently a very opaque process with very little immediate feedback. DAVE aims to make this process easier by providing a tool to both visually debug data differences and fit into the automatic validation chain. It is also designed to be much easier to use than other tools, which often require cumbersome setup procedures. This approach provides an inherent utility by enabling more rapid ETL test development, freeing up developers and testers for other tasks.


  • Visualizes differences between two different data sets, retrievable from many different sources
  • Provides fine-grained display of differences
  • Also runnable from command line, useful for automation
  • Compares data from multiple sources (csv, xlsx, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, Netezza)

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