What issue does this project address?

Mental health problems, especially depression and anxiety, are quite prevalent among numerous teenagers and young adults. However, many of them are unable to receive help or support from family, friends, doctors, and other mental health professionals because they don't want to discuss these matters with those around them, which can lead to sometimes fatal consequences. This project attempts to address this by taking into considering that teens and young adults are more likely to post about their mental health issues online or use internet searches to try to find solutions to their issues.

What it does

Once the extension is added to your Google Chrome application, the page shown on startup should be a custom designed display implemented by the extension. At the top left is a search bar that you can use as a regular Google search. The rest of the page is occupied by a soothing animation of floating clouds and an owl which will provide the user various inspirational quotes. If the user wishes to "talk", the chrome extension icon can be clicked to reveal a chat box which will be able to detect the sentimental value of the statement the user types and respond accordingly. If the chatbot detects a very low sentiment the suicide hotline website will automatically pop up.

Challenges I ran into

Implementing Microsoft's sentimental analysis API into the project was probably the most challenging part of the project since it was my first time using an API!

What's next

Expand the chat bot features and sentimental analysis implementation.


The Microsoft API no longer works because AthenaHacks participants were only granted access to the API during the hackathon hacking period.

Owl was curtesy of the AthenaHacks website.

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