How we built our project

We wrote letters to the local council to ask them to take action on issues we had chosen. During class time, school council and young ambassadors across the school picked topics that were close to our hearts that we would like to see changed.

What inspired us

We chose making people feel safe on the streets, where we live and all around London, young people and adults sometimes feel quite frightened when they're out and about, we decided that we would like to do something about this using technology. We picked the UN sustainability goals of cohesion (sustainable communities) and well-being to be our goals when we were making this ptich.

Our Solution

Our help points are interactive stations that are in fixed positions all around the town they are not just for tourist attractions, but for every ward in each borough. We know all about wards and boroughs, because we hold our own elections for head boy and head girl and we work with local councillors. These information stations are not just about maps and knowing where you are (although they do have interactive maps which they project) they are also a way of recording all the places you have been to (because you can have your own personal profile that you can add to) when you touch the screen just like phones use fingerprints; this means you can share what you've done with others and encourage others to be out and about in the city. Furthermore, these points are away of linking to social media and support systems (available to all members of the community); this means that if you are feeling alone or if you need help you can instantly get the support you need. This is our way of promoting connectivity and well-being in these difficult times.

Built With

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