We saw an example of CityViewAR which used Augmented Reality to show a building that had been knocked down because of an earthquake. This led us to realize the potential of AR and history.

What it does

This application allows you recognize historical landmarks just by pointing your phone at it. Once recognized, a button will appear and allow you view the history of the building along with photos of it from different decades.

How I built it

The wireframe was designed via Sketch and the application and actual implementation was completed through Unity3D and Vuforia.

Challenges I ran into

Training the targets to recognize buildings required a lot of work. Additionally, adding a UI button once it was detected presented issues because we're dealing with 2D buttons in a 3D space.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The speed of recognition of the buildings is practically instant and the UI is very user friendly.

What I learned

The infinite possibilities that come with Augmented Reality.

What's next for Rediscover Kingston

We need to finish the implementation in both Android and iOS as well as add additional functionality such as live historical city view (allowing you to see the city in various decades) and current events.

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