Inspiration :

Given the global pandemic situation, the need is more than ever for IT systems to support the economic recovery initiatives taken up by Governments aimed at creating a positive impact on the communities across the globe. This sets up the stage for mature platforms like Pega to showcase the ability to build applications that demonstrate the needed business agility to keep pace with the evolving economic situations. Being a Platinum Partner of Pega, NIIT Incessant considers this as an ideal opportunity to leverage the power of the Pega Infinity Platform to help deliver a Business Solution that has the potential to create a lasting impact on economies across the world

What it does:

The Special Purpose Business Loans solution built on Pega Infinity provides a platform for Banks to keep up with the volatile business situation and helps adapt to changing government policies. This solution provides a scalable foundation to be able to build/deploy processes in highly agile business environments to ensure that the needed impact is delivered in a time-sensitive manner

How I built it:

I composed a team of 8 people at NIIT Incessant to work on this application as part of the Hackathon submission. We leveraged most of the OOTB features of the Pega Infinity platform (elaborated in the design document). We took special care in creating various components of the application in a pluggable/extensible manner to facilitate needed specializations when the solution gets deployed for a given customer. We ensured that the application is pre-built to such an extent that deploying to any new customer shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks. This ensures that the solution delivers real value and delivers relevant business outcomes in demanding situations

Challenges I ran into:

  1. Geographically distributed team with everyone working from home, we were able to overcome this by making use of collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Agile workbench to track work.
  2. We faced a lot of functional challenges in understanding the SBA special loan assistance process as it was constantly evolving with new laws and amendments. To overcome that we have delegated quite a lot of functionality to aid in quick changes.
  3. Analyzing and understanding the SBA eTran systems functioning, were able to overcome that by reaching out to the various members of our practice to get details.
  4. OCR implementation and application.
  5. We were unable to test mashup and OCR on the cloud as we didn’t have access to the platform in the Pega provided cloud.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

Given our domain knowledge in the BFS space, I’m proud of our ability to turnaround an end-to-end business solution that is 60-70% pre-built, in a matter of weeks. We are also proud about the fact that we could deliver a scalable application that helps address an ongoing problem that the world faces during these trying times

What I learned:

I learned more about the extreme agility of the Pega Infinity platform in its capability to deliver solutions that are scalable and extensible. I also learned the real value of a true low-code platform provides to its customers in terms of time-to-market and business value

What's next for testing:

The testing document has been shared with the email address which has access to the private repo.

Built With

  • ai
  • docusign
  • esignature
  • mashup
  • mobile
  • pega
  • predictive-analytics
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