During our research for the hackathon, we found a lot of people having the problem of DHH(Hard of Hearing). We also wanted to experiment with AR. Combing both the ideas, we build a simple blinking game for disabled people.

What it does

A blinking fun game for the disabled using AR.

How I built it

Using Spark AR Studio, mobile, and laptop camera.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Using Spark Studio as a first-timer
  2. multi-face tracking was challenging.
  3. Using patch editor was not easy
  4. Lost time trying to track 2 hands at a time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Multi face tracking
  2. creating a simple blinking fun game for disabled using AR ## What I learned How to create fun things with Spark AR

What's next for test

  1. Adding dynamic text of the count of the number of blinks.
  2. Whenever you want to rent or sell your house, you want to take pictures of your house with empty rooms but is not it a big problem when you are living there currently, it’s a mess and it looks crowded? We are planning to use VR, to just create a house with empty rooms, without you having to vacate it.

Built With

  • ar
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