After listening to the presentation by IBM relating to Watson, a bot-like virtual machine, I(we) were inspired to make an AI of our own, basing on the topic introduced by them, on Twitter Personality, where the 'AI' will return the personality of a user.

What it does

It goes through the tweets of a specified user that you input and, through 'reading' the 'tone' and such, return a series of assumptions and 'facts' about the user's personality.

How I built it

Based on numerous already existing structure (node-RED, Bluemix) and a few basic html, css, js and other to finish the rest.

Challenges I ran into

(that moment when you don't even remember how to make an input box in HTML)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing the project in time.

What I learned

I relearned the basics of AI, machine learning, cloud platform, logo design, and html/css.

What's next for test

A better-designed interface and a more 'beautified' page.

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