There are times when we have trouble visualizing our code, have lost all focus, and just really need to zone in. That's where CodeCave comes in.

What it does

CodeCave will accept a source code file and separate its functions into digestable chunks. Clicking on these chunks will reveal a description for the function.

How we built it

CodeCave was built using Unity and C#.

Challenges we ran into

Text objects in Unity work differently in Virtual Reality. Pulling the source code into these text objects while making it readable proved to be a challenge. Adding interaction with the objects via raycasting was also difficult.

What we learned

We all became more familiar with Unity/C#, file structure and setup for the Samsung Gear VR, and developing for VR.

What's next for CodeCave

We plan on making CodeCave able to accept a variety of languages. We also wish to add more types of flip-over information, such as map diagrams and visualizations.

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