COVID-19 is currently an ongoing global pandemic. As part of humanity, we wish to share China’s experience in combating and containing this virus with the world. Since there’s no better to learn than to have some fun, we chose to share our knowledge in the form of a quiz game. We hope to bring some joy to people as they learn to keep themselves safe in this outbreak.

What it does

This project was jointly developed by Tencent Cloud & Tencent Health. It is a quiz in the form of a game aimed at helping players learn facts about COVID-19. Players can choose to play in PVP mode or to take a personal quiz.

For PVP, players can forward the link to challenge a friend, or choose to be matched to a random online player. The winner scores points. If defeated, players can choose a rematch or to brush up on their COVID-19 facts.

The personal quiz comes in the form of 10 questions, covering topics such as virus transmission, preventive measures and public health safety. Upon completion, players will get a result slip and detailed answer breakdown. Players can share their results and challenge their friends online to top their score.

How we built it and challenges we ran into

(1) How we made our quiz database

Our quiz database consists of hundreds of single-choice and multiple-choice quiz questions drawn from the Tencent Health knowledge base. It covers epidemic prevention and the policies that have raised public concerns. To provide an accurate, professional, and up-to-date quiz database, we review and verify each quiz before release. We have also assigned designated people to follow the latest news and policies every day to rapidly update the quiz database.

(2) Use TencentCloud--Mini Game Online Battle Engine (MGOBE) to develop the online quiz module

To help the public to learn about COVID-19, we need to launch the game as quickly as possible. For online battle games, R&D engineers need to deal with challenges of the server-side underlying architecture, network communication, and high concurrency. To address these challenges, we use the Mini Game Online Battle Engine (MGOBE), a Tencent Cloud service created for game developers to implement online features.

MGOBE provides interface-level access features including room management, online pairing, frame synchronization, and status synchronization. Supported by these features, our mini-games can provide players with an interactive online experience. Developers only need to focus on the logic and rules of the games.

(3) Use Tencent CloudBase (TCB) to implement data reading, writing, and storage

This epidemic prevention mini-game requires frequent data reading and writing, for example, reading and writing user tables to update player scores and to calculate ranking lists. Using Cloud Functions and Cloud Databases provided by TCB fully meets such requirements.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Among epidemic-related mini-games in China, this mini game currently leads in terms of potential player base, quiz database coverage, professionalism, real-time updates, and game formats.

What's next for test

Our upcoming plans:

  1. Update the quiz database to include global pandemic developments. New topics include medical information, pandemic-related policies and personal health measures. All information will be provided by health professionals.
  2. Update the background music library of the mini-game, provide professional knowledge about epidemic resistance, and give everyone the confidence to fight the epidemic.
  3. Launch an English-language epidemic quiz mini-game on WeChat.

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