Automation is widespread in everything that we touch nowadays, however, smart contracts are so limited that they are not capable of performing transactions without someone manually invoking them externally.

There are so many use cases and innovations that can be unlocked and will advance the Solana ecosystem if we empower smart contracts with the capability to self-execute autonomously. Our team has extensive experience in building automation and we are committed to perfecting Snowflake as the go-to automation platform for Solana.

What it does

Snowflake is an on-chain automation infrastructure for Solana. Snowflake enables developers and end-users to automate & connect hundreds of smart contracts in one unified on-chain platform.

How we built it

Snowflake consists of 3 components : Snowflake Smart Contract, Snowflake UI and Snowflake Node Operators. Our Smart Contract was built using Rust, the UI was built using React and the Node Operator was built with Nodes.

Challenges we ran into

Transaction size limit and compute unit limit often require significant workarounds and unnecessary optimisations. We are hoping that this gets addressed in the next Solana upgrade.

What's next for Test Submission

Post main-net launch, we have a lot on our roadmap including expanding our set of actions and building the Snowflake ecosystem. This has been a super fun journey and we are super excited and committed to making Snowflake the automation backbone of Solana.

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