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Main Issue

Since the start of the lock-down of COVID-19, many people have had difficulties finding the right mental health services due to financial setbacks or issues with unattainable transportation. Those who are recipients of Medicaid and other social welfare programs are especially affected by a lack of access to these resources. The rates of clinical depression in the United States have increased immensely due to self-quarantining and social distancing practices, leading millions to having difficulty accessing the right mental health care over the past few months. Low-income and disabled individuals especially have trouble keeping track of treatments and medications when they are loaded with work/family issues or lack of transportation. Older adults are also more likely to face difficulties when dealing with increased vulnerability to ailments and diseases, so our plan is to help provide an optimal way to make their mental health treatment plans easier to manage in order to sustain a healthier and more mindful lifestyle. It’s time to help others take back control of what’s important to them!

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