We have seen how vitally important good information in the combat to be COVID-19. On the ground stats and live updates are critical for decision makers to be able to make informed decisions that will affect millions of people.

What it does

We've come up with an idea to address the screening and testing here in South Africa in the poorer communities where it is critical to be able to do effective testing in the densely populated areas. This can be scaled throughout Africa

If we look at the areas that the community care workers are working in in the rural areas even with the HIV & TB tests, its all paper based and very unorganised.

So what we need?

Is a simple app that can be downloaded from a app store and put on their mobile device, it needs to be data light, and can be stored on the phone even when not in a cell phone signal area to be uploaded (stored data) when connected again.

The app needs to have the following

  • Part 1 - Name, address and contact details
  • Part 2 - A triage of questions to scan the patient
  • Part 3 - Will be the test results sent to a central data.

Important note: Whatever country you are in, you will need to log those details. The data protection act is a consideration and not allowed to cross borders.

The app will work as follows

  • To provide as many drop down menus as possible due to the areas in which these caretakers work in. Age, date of birth etc. this will be the first menu.
  • The second menu, will need to be the standard triage of questions from the WHO. The care worker will ask these questions when doing a patient screening
  • The answers to these questions will either go "Red" or "Green" based on if the patient is infected or not. Red for infection and Green for no infection.
  • The care taker can then advise them to be sent to a testing centre. After their test, the result are logged into a central database and then followed up a few weeks later to check the status of that patient, sms functionality is important here to stay in touch with the patient. Informing them of steps that can be taking like "social distancing" etc to minimize their infection foot print. If their condition worsens that care send then care worker a sms back to inform them that they aren't well and the necessary steps can be taken.
  • Lastly, the backend of the app will need to be able to develop a heat map of the respective country via geo location. This is some that the health departments in various countries can quickly pick up where the "hot zones" are where there are a lot of positives being tested and then that area can be quarantined and more resources allocated to that specific are to combat the spread. The green areas they can then retract unnecessary infrastructure which can be allocated accordingly. An open view dashboard would be a good idea here.

How I built it

It is only in the idea phase

Challenges I ran into

None as yet but there will be

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

No yet

What I learned

Working in rural areas around South Africa we know that data requirements need to be low due to the high cost of data in South Africa. Mobile cellphone reception isn't always the greatest in rural areas so this will need to be taken into consideration. Simple and easy to answer question is vital due to the low literacy rate here in South Africa. Possible explainer illustrations might be required.

What's next for Test Screening Responder

The sky is really the limit and could solve many challenges across Africa is created with integration to localised databases in each country.

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