When we set out to brainstorm a product that the world might need, our thoughts circled around the shoe industry, specifically tennis shoes. For the majority of the human race, shoes are considered a consumable good that uses much of the earth’s resources. But where do they go when they’re no longer functional?

A big controversy within the fashion industry is centered around its major contribution to the deterioration of the environment through resources and manufacturing processes? After overcoming obstacles in learning how to combine our skills as a group, our team has created a shoe that will help reduce our carbon footprint one step at a time through the implementation of recyclable and biodegradable materials like cotton and bamboo through the use of weaving/ knitting techniques.

To achieve this feat our shoe is developed in individual parts that are embedded with seeds. Over time once parts of the shoe wear down consumers have the option to send the shoe back for refurbishing. The old shoe parts will then be planted back into the earth where it will decompose and turn into green life.

An additional feature of our shoes is that it connects to an app on your phone allowing consumers to try on the shoe using augmented reality.


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