Empowering diverse changemakers to understand & use blockchain technology

What it does

Facilitates learning and community and provides resources to people brand new to blockchain technology. Empowers people to get involved and apply existing solutions to social challenges.

How I built it

As non-coders, we did extensive research and then built an interactive prototype using Sketch 3 and Invision.

Challenges I ran into

Deciding on the incentivization model, being thorough in our research in a short amount of time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making something presentable even though our team lacks traditional (technical) hackathon skills.

What I learned

Models and analogies for explaining the blockchain effectively. The diversity status of the blockchain, and the needs of diverse communities.

What's next for us

I want to bring this project into the real world and build partnerships with blockchain organizations who care about social impact and political change causes.

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