The blockchain technology has been around and evolves for more than a decade. Today we can see a big number of stable blockchain solutions on the market, including open-source ones like EOS. But the mass adoption of this technology is extremely slow because blockchain integration is a very complex task that requires a lot of resources and professionals in the technical and business fields. For example, we can see an open-source edX platform with 100+ Mln of users and 0 integrations with blockchain. The same for other open-source services.


To solve this problem we create DAOGATE - an open-source solution that will provide integration of apps and web services with blockchains, add functionality, connect and be a framework for the creation of DAOs in many areas. At the TOP level DAOGATE is a connector between numerous open-source applications like, WordPress, Learning Management Systems like OpenEDeX, task manager (Redmine) etc. and various blockchains. It’s an easy-to-implement solution that will enable developers to start using a blockchain suitable for their needs with minimum resource investments and as a result - speed up and simplify mass adoption of blockchain technologies.

What it does

For the purpose of the hackathon and to solve our current tasks we’ll present a version of EdEmployment DAOGATE, that will unite Learning Management System, Task Manager and EOS blockchain as a basic solution that will be a fundament for further developments.

Based on Smart Contracts DAOGATE is doing here the following :

Creates crypto-wallets for all the parties involved (students, managers) Tokenizes productive actions like courses or work tasks completion Rewards students with Edex-tokens created on EOS for successful completion of courses (connection EOS + EdX). Rewards students with crypto or $ for completion of freelance tasks.

How we built it

Initially we were developing a decentralized project for education and tried lots of solutions and blockchains. As a result of our researches and efforts we came to understanding that the process of integration with blockchains is a costly and time-consuming process. This led us to a hub-style solution.

We decided to work with open-source services and utilized solutions that are already in use by millions of users. For our projects purposes we have chose open edX and Redmine. And, of course, EOS blockchain.

And created a hub that connects all three together.

The idea is to provide new-age developers with a tool, that integrates open-source solutions with blockchains without any mediators.

So, today DAOGATE, on the one hand, has a standardized and simple API, and on the other, an integration with various blockchains is implemented. Thus, to connect any system to any of the blockchains, you do not need to delve into the specifics how a blockchain works and the specifics of integration with a current blockchain. It is enough just to transfer a simple set of necessary data to API Gate, and Gate itself will perform all the necessary transformations and ensure the correct transfer of all necessary data to the blockchain. Also, all exchange operations are logged and stored in the Gate database. The gate was developed and implemented in PHP Laravel + MySQL.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge was that blockchain industry develops quickly and it's not an easy task to find all the necessary information within official documentation. Sometimes the info is already outdated, and sometimes it just doesn't meet reality.

So we had to dig into forums and make our own researches to make things work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First of all, we managed to create a working version.

And taking into account all the challenges we faced during the development road, we understand, that our solution will save a lot of time and effort for future developers and blockchain integrators.

What we do is taking out the mediators from the blockchain mass adoption process and create a solution that literally transferred the product values directly to the user. And this way all users become closer to the technology and the possibility of its implementation.

What we learned

The key lesson we've learned is that a complex solution (even within the blockchain industry!) is not always the right one. And that we can choose a road of simplification and develop solutions that will ease life not just for us, but for others too.

What's next for DAOGate: easy solution for integration of EOS & web services

Within the next step, we are ready to transfer the educational system of EOS to an open edX platform and provide millions of users with access to this platform.

We want to make an integration of DAOGATE with other services like Zapier, Apix-Drive, and Integromat to create and this way "close the cycle" - create a full-cycle framework that will unite popular web-services with EOS blockchain and will launch the process of exponential growth of blockchain user base and adoption of blockchain technology.

We want to give developers and innovators a tool for experimentation and the creation of real DAOs and new helpful services.

Built With

  • api-eos
  • api-openedx
  • eos-smart-contracts-(c++)
  • laravel-(php)
  • mysql
  • openedx-(python)
  • redmine
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