The Inspiration

This app was inspired by our own support team’s experience in Jira Service Desk. When a customer submits a support ticket, the first thing most agents do is look for relevant knowledge base articles and related previous tickets to tap into the wealth of crucial knowledge stored in these databases — spending on average 10-15 minutes per new active issue on resolved issue searches.

While Jira does a great job of automatically recommending KB articles that may be helpful, it does not provide recommendations for related tickets that have already been answered. When KB articles aren’t available, agents must leave the Jira issue view by navigating away from the ticket or opening a second tab, and begin an often laborious search for related issues. They manually pull salient information out of the new ticket to formulate complex queries, usually through a process of trial and error, until they find the right mix of keywords to identify the most relevant issues. This is inefficient, frustrating, and time-consuming.

Smart Views for Jira Service Desk takes the error-prone, manual work out of the equation to get agents the information they need — faster.

What it does

With this app, the most relevant previous tickets are automatically pulled into the Jira issue view based on an intelligent query that runs in the background. Agents can quickly and easily browse through past issues without leaving their current screen or writing JQL statements to get the right answers for customers.

This app offers in-line pagination for related issues, so agents can go beyond the first 5 results while remaining on the same screen. If they need to modify the search, agents can use the dynamic search field right within the same interface, while the app does the heavy lifting of putting their keywords into JQL syntax in the background. As the support database grows, this app becomes even more valuable for teams, surfacing the most useful answers from an increasingly broad and noisy repository of information.

No more writing tricky JQL queries or losing precious time due to context-switching and trial and error! With Smart Views for JSD, agents can work more efficiently to shorten response time and help more customers.

How it works

Our team created an automated string parser to extract keywords from the summary, description, and comments section of new issues. Then the app formulates a JQL query to search for these identified keywords in other issues in the same project within the Jira database. The issues that have the highest keyword match rate are prioritized at the top of the list. Because this is completely automated and running behind the scenes, agents do not need to determine the relevant keywords or write the queries themselves.

If agents do need to search issues themselves, they can do it right within the same interface. The search is super fast and responsive with results auto-populated as search terms are being typed.

This app requires zero configuration and can be used immediately from the moment it is enabled. No backend server support is required. No queries or code need to be configured. All functionality and search criteria are built into version 1.0.

What’s next for Smart Views

We’re excited to start getting feedback from early adopters. We have a roadmap of ideas to improve the relevancy of recommended issues, integrate with other text engines, and make this app even easier for agents to use, and we look forward to refining that roadmap as users share their experiences with us.

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