In this current situation, people are still struggling to adapt and doing daily activities. The government enforces some rules and gives suggestions for the public, so that people can deal with this problem. But, there are many people who still underestimate the fast transmission of COVID-19, disobey the rules, ignore the advice and those who aren’t sure which shouldn’t be done, etc

What it does

Using Augmented Reality (AR), we made PreCon (Prevent Contagious) in order to help the public in experiencing real life situations inside AR. The app helps to educate people on how to prevent this virus from being transmitted. Inside the training simulation, people will interact with the virtual environment and learn how they should act accordingly, because the important thing is to prevent something bad from happening to us rather than try to cure it. Since all the events happen inside the virtual world, this training simulation is safe to use by everyone.

Beside AR training simulation, there are still several features that PreCon have. Here all the feature of this app :

  • AR Training Simulation. Experience real life training simulation and interact with the object inside the virtual world.
  • Advice from WHO with easy to learn illustration step by step.
  • AR Selfie. Take a selfie photo with a mask and face shield.
  • COVID-19 status all around the world.
  • Intelligent assistant to provide us some answer about everything.

How I built it

  • Unity as our main tools for making the application.
  • Using C# Language.
  • ARFoundation to provide the Augmented Reality technology.
  • Postman public API.
  • Wolfram Alpha API as Intelligent Assistant.
  • echoAR to provide a flexibility for 3D object and real-time info update.

Challenges I ran into

I need to find more information about Augmented Reality also do trial and error, sometimes makes me overwhelmed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This project actually. Somehow proud that I can be part of "helping others" in this pandemic with my own way. Especially helping medical team to prevent other people being infected. Helping people with Extended Reality technologies are something that really change the views of AR/VR/MR application.

What I learned

From this project, I'm more learn new things about AR, how to solve problem, how to adapt to the new things, also more exploring about COVID19 also for my self I'm learning more about what should we do and should't. More exploring some advice for being healthy during this pandemic. Also learn about how to integrate my application with Wolfram and echoAR system.

What's next for test project

Adding more training case inside the current application. Also if we can really continue with this project, we maybe will try to do Virtual Reality Training Simulation, so it can be more immersive to do a training.

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