The ground work begins from Data Collection

Volunteers of small numbers from localities consituting to a particular heathcentre register themselves for data collectiion. Collecting travel data of individuals of a specific town from travel agencies Hospitals help share their data of individuals who were once treated there(for ailments and their conditions). The Data includes

Direct contact, indirect contact with patients - (from surveys by volunteers or by contact tracing) Health conditions : diabetes, BP, heart ailments, lung ailments etc..( from hospitals, themselves who share the info, surveys etc..) Travel history of the patient(last 1 month), travel energy or tendency of the patient will also be taken into account - (from agencies, volunteers) Data merge From the different data collected and analysed, our algorith makes a database of a bulk of individuals with their whole of medical history, travel, contacts etc..

Using weighted sampling methods, we assign weights to each parameter such as ailments, travel etc individually, and the algorithm selects the specified sample population of the people to test instead of a completely random test and thus increasing the efficiency of preventing further spread.

Final Output We finally get the specified priority on whom should be tested before another, thus saving time and prioritizing the reach.


It can be implemented at clusters to nearest hospitals or primary health centres wherein, this data collection can take place. Rather than random test of patients from whole population, we can analyse test in a specified population wherein it will become more effective than a random test.When no of samples are more And each test having higher lead time, Prioritising will be useful. Also, once this activity is done, we would have a health register of individuals, that can also be analysed and used for future research and locality study.

How we plan to accomplish whats next

We develop the app and distribute for local healthcentres wherein they can control its functionality, volunteers register themselves and we assign very few for a certain juridiction of a healthcentre(inorder to prevent extrea-labour), we request travel agencies to share data of recent travelers(their travel history)itals to provide details of people ailments. Once data in collected, we on the same time link up all and create the database for individuals in the cluster(healthcentre juridiction and the healthcentre would have a lot of people in database with their whole necessary infomaton. The algorithm then sorts out the priority on whom the tests should be conducted and thus improving efficiency of a random test.

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