Have you ever felt the struggle of following along with a coding video trying to keep up? We felt the same way and came up with our application that gives you the ability to work on the same code as the video.

What it does

From the home page, users can click on videos to take them to a side by side view with the video on one side and the text editor on the other.

The editor side panel gives a running "caption" of what the author is working on as you watch the video. This allows you to copy, paste, and work on the same code. It even supports multiple files being edited in the same video. Additionally, it has a built in syntax reader and in the future will support real time compiling. We are also working towards the ability for professors, teachers, and even streamers to have real time coding so that students and viewers can follow along.


Apollo is the Greek God of many things, including knowledge. Our platform is to assist aspiring software developers in their pursuit of coding knowledge, so and the name was chosen.

What we built

Ontop of, we also created a tool to create annotations to follow along a code tutorial. The tool allows for multiple files, and file switching. This is how we created the live code experience.

How we built it

Front-end: JavaScript, Bootstrap, Ace Editor, JQuery

Backend: NodeJS, Express

CI/CD: Google Cloud Build

Production Server: Docker containers running in a Kubernetes cluster in Google Cloud

Challenges we ran into

It took more time than what we initially thought to pick and set up a front-end platform. We went through several iterations of starter projects until we found a solution we could get running and continue to edit fast enough.

We also took more time when deploying to the Google Cloud Platform is difficult to work with. JavaScript is no friend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

By utilizing the continuous integration and continuous deployment of the Google Cloud Platform, we were able to smoothly launch and continue to update our production app. Watching a video so many times that you know every single word of it, but actually toughing through the tedious task of transcribing a tutorial word for word.

What we learned

We learned how to use the YouTube API as well as utilizing the Google Cloud Platform API. It was also back to the basics for handling JavaScript and all of its nuances.

What's next for Apollo

Watch with us, Type with us, Learn with us...

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